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Debate tryouts

A majority of the candidates up on Thursday’s GOP primary stage(s) aren’t really running for president. Right?

Symbol of intolerance

Donald Trump is a symbol of intolerance When the Republican National Committee thinks you’re sounding a tad xenophobic, it’s probably time to self-reflect, Mr. Trump.

Hot air

The single thing I’m in awe of Donald Trump over is his ability to manufacture – and milk – publicity out of anything.

Bridge problem

There are large gaps between Chris Christie’s goals, his promises to the people of New Jersey, and his rickety accomplishments. Though perhaps he’ll power his way across the chasm, simply by yelling?

Security lapses

Amazing the dangerous things that can be snuck through lax security.

Mystery donors

While the Clinton Foundation has some degree of murk when it comes to funding, they are by absolutely no means the worst offenders.

U.S.S. Hillary

Hillary being the lone vessel for the Dem’s 2016 hopes and dreams was hazardous.