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72° Good Evening
72° Good Evening

No bigger trucks

Ever grumble about the ludicrous massiveness of the box your little shipping order was packed in? Fed Ex etc.. are pushing for equally ludicrous 90-foot double-length semi-trucks for hauling the increased amount of all that packaging, plastic-encased air – and junk.

Travel size emissions

We all fret about our overhead bin, and airlines worry about their overheads. Also a little higher above our heads are jets’ carbon dioxide output and contribution to climate change, which are a little more disconcerting. So it’s my duty to hit you over the head about it with a cartoon.

New LIRR courtesy posters

There were a few important items omitted from the MTA/LIRR courtesy campaign, so I stepped in to help.

Moment of silence

It’s become routine that prior to official, actual information about a plane crash, cable news rolls out the technical experts to enrapture us with hours of professional sounding speculation regarding likely causes.

Panhandling MTA

​The LIRR is considering adding cupholders in the new cars slated for delivery in 2017. That will be a superb (and welcome) distraction from the inexorable upward journey of your fare.

Sleeping at the switch

MTA Safety
I thought sleeping at the switch was just a colloquial phrase. Good thing there’s a new MTA safety czar.

Driving while disturbed

​If you’re reading this while driving your car: Deadly contagion, bloodthirsty Middle East terrorists, illegal immigrants, unsecured nuclear weapons and the other myriad of threats to the well-being of the general populace are literally the least of your problems right now.