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Sandy fraud

Sandy Insurance Fraud
I’ve heard Sandy victims whose homes were destroyed in the storm over two years ago describe the nightmare of bureaucracy and paperwork as equal to the storm. FEMA is stepping in, thank goodness, to rescue the homeowners from the flood of fraudulent claim denials, red tape and incompetence.


There are myriad stories of engineering report tampering, bureaucratic delays, and conflicting permitting and financial instructions to still-waiting homeowners whose properties were destroyed by Sandy. A cynic might ascertain that something nefarious was going on. But I don’t know any cynics.


A judge has demanded an inquiry into insurance companies’engineers editing/fudging reports on Sandy damaged homes, so that they could get out of…drumroll…paying claims! And so superstorm Sandy slowly continues its miserable path of ruination.

Flagging recovery

Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered an appropriate way to mark the second anniversary of the brutal, deadly storm we know as Sandy. So I think this is an appropriate way.

Sandy lingers

Long Island
It’s been nearly two years since the region got walloped by superstorm Sandy. Yet, incredibly, even now, Sandy still packs a nasty punch every day for many of those who have homes near the shore. Because of a series of grinding, glacial bureaucracies, they still cannot afford the simple act of just going home.

Future LIRR woe

​According to very unbiased, scientific studies, the crumbling of the Amtrak-operated tunnels under the East River (due to Sandy related flooding), and ensuing years of closures/repairs will affect the LIRR more than any other rail service on the entire planet. Sigh.