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65° Good Afternoon
65° Good Afternoon

North vs. South

North vs. South
It’s very easy to heap scorn upon something so obvious and symbolic as the confederate flag. But racism in the U.S. is far more complex.


I’m not really sure why the confederate battle flag is flying strategically near the South Carolina State House. Is South Carolina not really part of the United States? And don’t its proponents know that for most of us it represents slavery and violent racism?

Tragedy alerts

It’s devastating to realize that the history of vicious racial violence in the U.S. is still not relegated to the dustbin of history.

Starbucks Race

Race discussion Coffee is excellent for fueling the workday, though it’s probably not the best fuel for an impromptu, corporate-sponsored discussion about race. I don’t shy away from drawing about racial inequality, but I work hard to be nuanced and thoughtful. A message on a Starbucks cup is neither of those.

Surprised Scout?

Harper Lee
I know I’m not alone in wondering how the adult version of Scout turns out in Harper Lee’s “new” “To Kill A Mockingbird” sequel, “Go Set A Watchman.” We know how racial justice has turned out in the interim, however.

‘Oh say can you see’

There goes the brave notion that body camera video will show indisputable evidence when a police officer breaks the law.