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61° Good Morning
61° Good Morning

Why now, Jon Stewart?!

As a political satirist, I know there are difficult times to ply this odd trade, and there are triumphal times. Jon Stewart almost certainly has mixed feelings about dropping The Daily Show mic at this comedic sweet spot in presidential campaign history.

Debate tryouts

A majority of the candidates up on Thursday’s GOP primary stage(s) aren’t really running for president. Right?

Sanctions grow

I know a cartoonist who had to escape Iran because he dared to be critical of the mean, crusty hard-liners who are ruining the country. Those Mullahs (among others) do not like the Iran nuclear deal. They are not directly impacted by the sanctions, which help them keep the people — and cartoonists — isolated.

NY meal deal

I’m a huge proponent of a big, fat, healthy minimum wage, but N.Y. cherry picking only fast food workers at larger chains – and not all economically vulnerable workers – to receive the latest hike is unfair.


Donald Trump’s uncoded xenophobic rants, surprisingly anti-POW statements – and huge poll numbers – have changed the GOP’s careful primary narrative just a smidgeon.


Republican opposition to the Iran nuke deal appears centered on the fact that it is President Obama’s deal, and also that inspections can’t happen “anytime, anywhere.” White House inspections that is.

BP floats

Hard to believe I’ve been drawing cartoons expressing exasperation over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill for five years. Last week’s $18.7 billion federal settlement with BP appears massive and punitive, except that the company — which has $320 billion in annual revenue — has up to 18 years to pay it off. Take that, corporate polluter!

Hot air

The single thing I’m in awe of Donald Trump over is his ability to manufacture – and milk – publicity out of anything.

Bridge problem

There are large gaps between Chris Christie’s goals, his promises to the people of New Jersey, and his rickety accomplishments. Though perhaps he’ll power his way across the chasm, simply by yelling?