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72° Good Evening
72° Good Evening

Movie violence in 2015

This idea seemed heartbreakingly obvious to me. Almost as obvious as the U.S. gun fetish being completely out of anyone’s control.

Blue wall of silence

In Cincinnati a shoulder mounted police camera told a starkly different story than Ray Tensing and his fellow officers did.


The way Dylann Roof effortlessly got his hands on a gun – due to a three-day window loophole, within which a disqualifying arrest wasn’t discovered – is mind-bendingly absurd.


While I do think police have gotten a little too Seal Team 6 in their self-image, they are only responsible for a fraction of the shockingly vast number of Americans killed by gunfire.

Thin blue line

Sometimes lost in the noise and protest over police misconduct is the fact that they are just human beings worried for their own safety too. The loss of an officer in the line of duty is everyone’s loss. My hat is off to the brave young Officer Moore.

Baltimore’s ‘Mom of the Year’

Someday I look forward to no more cartoons conveying disbelief over another black person dying while in police custody. It seems that every month I’ve had to reluctantly weigh in on another incident. I can’t wait to stop drawing about the actions of the few bad cops that overshadow those of all the good cops.


Looting in Baltimore This cartoon is about more than Baltimore. Police in every major US city find themselves on the front lines of an entire system that still – after a couple hundred years – hasn’t outgrown intrinsic prejudices. That’s the stubborn, intractable force behind the horrific riots in Baltimore, and elsewhere.

Police drama

Is it now a civic duty to film police? Just in case?

Nassau cops retirement unit

Nassau cops
​Retiring Nassau cops deserve a good retirement. This year’s round of $500,000 final year payouts was low compared to previous years’ jackpots. I don’t blame the cops, they’re getting what’s rightfully theirs, based on their union’s negotiations with politicians who aren’t very good negotiators.