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72° Good Evening
72° Good Evening

On time

Gov. Cuomo’s better policy positions got shelved but at least we have a budget. Right?

Money for infrastructure

A sharp reader could think this cartoon is in reference to the troubles of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. But nope. I sketched this up the day before he was charged by federal prosecutors. Albany pols can legally make a ton of questionable outside money, that’s the bigger scandal.

The PowerPoint on the mount

Governor Cuomo’s State of The State speech/presentation displayed some mad PowerPoint skills. And some mad math skills to.

Pricey conscience

Rape kits
​There are approximately 70,000 untested rape kits — filled with valuable DNA evidence — just sitting on shelves in the U.S. Apparently that’s because it’s too expensive to test them. In the world’s wealthiest country. Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. has pledged up to $35 million to try to clear up the backlog that goes back years, sometimes decades. Let’s hope it’s the start of a welcome shift in law enforcement and prosecutorial priorities.

Albany clout

​Regardless of what one thinks of the political bent of the crew LI voters are sending to the land of Albany, the geographic clout of having the Senate leadership be from down here is indisputable.

The real state snack

The cultured dairy treat was just pronounced the official state snack, but we know which – or who – is the real one.

Hush money

Hush money
The initial response I had on the NY State rebate checks was that they were such a small drop in the bucked compared to what NYers pay in (to said bucket). Then I realized, it’s exactly how things get (not) done in Albany!