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Nassau cops retirement unit

Nassau cops
​Retiring Nassau cops deserve a good retirement. This year’s round of $500,000 final year payouts was low compared to previous years’ jackpots. I don’t blame the cops, they’re getting what’s rightfully theirs, based on their union’s negotiations with politicians who aren’t very good negotiators.

Sign of the times

When it comes to a revenue shortfall, the politicians in Nassau can either make the hard choices or come up with weird stuff like revenue-generating electronic billboards on the LIE. Though most people on the LIE would actually have to look up from their text messages and Facebook updates to notice them. (I should note that I had so much fun playing around with Nassau County billboard messages that Newsday will put up a version of the cartoon with no words on it so you too can have a stab at a sign message. Look for that!)

Casino roulette

Both Nassau and Suffolk OTB are having some trouble not upsetting everyone over where to place an innocuous little casino or two. Most amusing of the myriad reasons cited for protests are the types of people it’ll attract. Like busloads of retirees? (But that’s for another cartoon.)

Say cheese

Speed Cameras
While Nassau County’s school zone speed cameras might have seemed like simple common sense, their implementation without warning or signage has – perish the thought – led a few folks to think that just maybe they were designed to raise cash, rather than improve safety…