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70° Good Afternoon
70° Good Afternoon


Ancient, fascinating walking fossils, killed and used merely for bait. Who are we calling unevolved?

Montauk monster

On the other hand, aren’t loud, drunk young adults the price of success?

Where to install LIRR cameras

I’m not sure how many problem riders there actually are on the LIRR, but they’re not the only ones that need monitoring.

Zombie properties

It’s sad that in America we have such an abundance of homeless people and people-less homes.

Have nots

Being a “have not” in the Hamptons shouldn’t involve “having not” your hearing, due to ludicrous amounts of highly important helicopter and private jet traffic at East Hampton Airport.

Traffic jam

I saw a poll recently that said a majority of people would leave Long Island if they had the chance (which is a bit cynical if you ask me). But you can’t leave. At least not if you try to take the LIE.


Budget freefall
It looks like the Nassau County Legislature is going to ditch the school safety cameras, and County Executive Edward Mangano is hand-wringing over how to fill the revenue gap that will create. That shouldn’t be such a big problem if the cameras were installed for safety, right?

Contaminated site

​What the hell’s going on in Islip? There are some nasty, dangerous and illegal things seeping from various toxic piles, though I’m sure there’s a perfectly plausible and innocent explanation for those.

On our backs

​Industrial Development Agencies were a great concept initially, but that now seem to be used primarily just to keep ordinary retail operations from moving. A savvy retail operator of course COULD threaten to leave town, get a sweet tax break from the IDA as an enticement, then stay put. (Not that anyone would abuse something like that…)