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The happy couple

The happy couple People expect political cartoonists to hit hard, and you may imagine that from my perch it’s pretty easy to get cynical. But you’d be wrong. I enjoy the chaos and noise of politics in America, because in our system of government, all that shouting can sometimes actually lead to something amazing. Read more Filler: Same sex marriage decision expands liberty

21st century parade

21st century parade
The subject of a perennial New York City cultural squabble, the announcement by organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day parade that they would allow an identified gay group to march is a breakthrough. “Times have changed,” NBCUniversal executive Francis X. Comerford, a parade trustee and its 2012 grand marshal, said in an interview with The Associated Press. “The parade is 250-plus years old, and different times call for different solutions.” Their decision probably had something to do with Guinness Co. and other major corporate sponsors boycotting, and a massive, rapid American cultural shift – but better late than never!