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Sanctions grow

I know a cartoonist who had to escape Iran because he dared to be critical of the mean, crusty hard-liners who are ruining the country. Those Mullahs (among others) do not like the Iran nuclear deal. They are not directly impacted by the sanctions, which help them keep the people — and cartoonists — isolated.

Iran sanctions

While the right wing hard-liners in Congress are clinging to the past and saber rattling in the direction of Iran, the leader of the right wing hard-liners in Iran is doing the same thing in the direction of the US. They appear to understand one another very, very well.

The button

A fun part of drawing political cartoons is ascertaining who the bad guy is, then taking aim. For decades, Iran has earned its global villain status, but old enemies shouldn’t get in the way of recognizing an opportunity to change. Vladimir Putin is also a cartoon-worthy villain, but he actually has nukes.

Iran agreement

There are more cultural similarities between Iran and the west than you think.

Netanyahu’s speech

What emerged from Netanyahu’s apocalyptic speech to Congress is that he is a masterfully good speaker, and an even better political maneuver-er.

The Iran speech

John Boehner
I can’t shake the nagging feeling that John Boehner and company invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress without any of the customary protocol solely to make a clumsy political point about White House Iran policy.

Israeli settlement

Up until today, the two opposing sides in the intractable Israel-Palestine squabble were in the Middle East.