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59° Good Morning
59° Good Morning

Sinking policies

Desperate refugees being smuggled via boat to Europe en masse through Italy via Libya is a tragic, massive and dangerous humanitarian issue that should be shouldered by the entire E.U. Both the Italian government and the refugees need the help.

Be proud America

During this past week of angst and rage over immigration policy, I noticed that obituaries for director Mike Nichols noted that he was an immigrant who spoke no English when he arrived as a child from Germany. I wasn’t born here either, so I can tell you firsthand that looking in from the outside, America’s draw is very strong. We must remember to be proud of that.

Hempstead border

Who would imagine that the toughest part of a child’s wrenching, perilous journey from points south and across our border would be school bureaucrats in a town on Long Island?

Columbus Day

Columbus Day
There are some truly inspiring Catholic figures in colonial history. I don’t have room here to do him justice, but look up Bartolomé de las Casas, a bishop who renounced Spain’s use of indigenous West Indians as slaves in the 1500s and fought for their rights. We should definitely have a catchy children’s rhyme and holiday for him.

Backing down on immigration reform

Barack Obama immigration reform
Apparently immigrants aren’t the only ones trying to make a better life for themselves on the other side. President Barack Obama said Saturday that the surge of immigrant children entering the U.S. illegally changed the politics surrounding the issue of immigration and led him to put off a pledge to use executive action that could shield millions of people from deportation. Immigration reform advocates criticized Obama after White House officials said that the president would not act at summer’s end as he promised in June but would take up the matter after the midterm elections in November. In an interview taped for NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Obama rejected the charge that the delay was meant to protect Democratic candidates worried that his actions would hurt their prospects in tough Senate races.