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Mystery donors

While the Clinton Foundation has some degree of murk when it comes to funding, they are by absolutely no means the worst offenders.

U.S.S. Hillary

Hillary being the lone vessel for the Dem’s 2016 hopes and dreams was hazardous.


In that running for president costs a couple billion these days, Hillary 2016 has created a potentially massive financial vacuum for those Dems who’d dare challenge her in the primary.

The unveiling

Clinton HQ has confirmed what everyone on Earth already knew. With a few temporary career diversions, Hillary has been eyeing a return to the White House since she and Bill left in 2001. While long, drawn-out campaigns may not be good for the nation, they are wonderful for a cartoonist.

Whitewater 2015

The race for the White House has only just started and regardless of your ideological position: Can you say Clinton Fatigue?

The personal server

I read someone calling the server that hosted the Clinton email account, a “dark server.” I think the exclusive use of a personal email account while doing public business was a big mistake, but “dark server”? The Clintons have many enemies, are used to such deep distrust, and should know better than to feed that monster.

Benghazi report

Benghazi report
Maybe the eighth congressional commission on Benghazi will catch the things that Republicans were looking for in the previous seven. And at this point, let’s not rule out a ninth, tenth and eleventh…

Too early

Early Election
Political data-ologists are furiously crunching probabilities, popularity and hearsay for something that’s two years off. Retailers are furiously crunching numbers for holiday season sales projections. I’m still crunching underfoot the unraked leaves in my yard.