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72° Good Evening
72° Good Evening

The wall

Climate Change
If future historians are lucky enough to document our nation’s mistakes, failure to seal off the Southern border is unlikely to be on their lists. Overreliance on fossil fuels will definitely make the cut … and, perhaps that we handed Donald Trump a microphone?

Why now, Jon Stewart?!

As a political satirist, I know there are difficult times to ply this odd trade, and there are triumphal times. Jon Stewart almost certainly has mixed feelings about dropping The Daily Show mic at this comedic sweet spot in presidential campaign history.


Donald Trump’s uncoded xenophobic rants, surprisingly anti-POW statements – and huge poll numbers – have changed the GOP’s careful primary narrative just a smidgeon.


Republican opposition to the Iran nuke deal appears centered on the fact that it is President Obama’s deal, and also that inspections can’t happen “anytime, anywhere.” White House inspections that is.

Security lapses

Amazing the dangerous things that can be snuck through lax security.


I know that a lot of my Republican friends think the President somehow embarrasses them overseas. But it is the 47 Senators (and now – inexplicably – one Governor Jindal) who by sending a meddlesome and incoherent letter to Iran have committed an actual thing to for us to be embarrassed about.

Scalpel please

As a person who grew up in a country with single-payer health care, I’ve never understood why personal bankruptcy was linked to whether you got sick or not. The challenge to the Affordable Care Act the Supreme Court heard this past week is designed to destroy a law that, while not perfect seems to be working.

Math vs. Politics

Dynamic Scoring
The term Dynamic Scoring in this year’s congressional budgeting is basically designed to calculate – against all historic evidence – that tax cuts for rich people end up magically sending more money to the U.S. treasury. It’s dredging up the Laffer curve, and also a good laugh.

GOP Senate control

GOP Senate control
The GOP has taken back control of the Senate. I’m not really sure how much more constrained the President could possibly be, but according to the experts, he will be.