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65° Good Morning
65° Good Morning

Planet Greece

Personally I think Greece has gotten by far a raw-er deal than poor ol’ Pluto.

Greek gods

Creditors and economic theorists have full control over the lives of Greece’s mere mortals.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trans-pacific Partnership The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement sounds pretty good. Free trade, open exchange of stuff – and money. Awesome! Except… Corporations always seek the lowest costs. And manufacturing costs are lower where there are few worker and environmental protections. And, well, we all know what happens after that.

Minimum wage

Despite what some political rhetoricians say, 85% of minimum wage earners are older than teenagers, and a majority are women, many with children. I can’t fathom living on minimum wage, probably because, well, you can’t. Cheap/publicly subsidized labor is great for employers’ bottom lines though.

Zombie properties

It’s sad that in America we have such an abundance of homeless people and people-less homes.

Middle class

Middle Class
Pols across the ideological spectrum are now pandering even more than usual to the middle class, which is smart, seeing as according to polls apparently that includes everyone.

Extra jobs

The numbers are in, and according to the experts, everything is looking spectacular. We’ll take their word for it.

Ladder to nowhere

Throughout the last century, a ladder was a universal symbol of personal growth both professionally and economically. In the 21st Century, worker productivity has soared — and with it corporate profit and the overall economy. Yet Americans’ paycheck growth has remained nonexistent. How you like them apples?

Scottish independence

Scottish independence
There are romantic reasons to support a vote for Scottish secession from the United Kingdom, but there are some chilly, hard realities too. Very chilly in fact. The two sides in Scotland’s independence debate scrambled Tuesday to convert undecided voters, with just two days to go until a referendum on separation. The pitch of the debate has grown increasingly shrill as both sides make their oft-repeated claims and promises with increasing urgency, and supporters square off at public appearances. Thursday’s referendum, in which more than 4.2 million people are registered to vote, is a high-stakes decision that could end a political union that has stood since 1707. Anti-independence campaigners argue that separation could send the economy into a tailspin. The Yes side accuses its foes of scaremongering and says independence will give Scots political control and economic prosperity.