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The wall

Climate Change
If future historians are lucky enough to document our nation’s mistakes, failure to seal off the Southern border is unlikely to be on their lists. Overreliance on fossil fuels will definitely make the cut … and, perhaps that we handed Donald Trump a microphone?

Climate change cooperation

Climate change cooperation
Republican politicians have now mysteriously, and collectively, agreed to begin all answers about humans’ impacts on climate change with the phrase “Well, I’m no scientist, but…”. Strangely enough, there are, in fact, actual scientists with whom they could easily consult. And even more oddly, a vast majority of those scientists have come to the conclusion that we HAVE had an effect on climate change. Puzzling, but then, “I’m no Republican politician…”

Climate chatter

Climate Week
Hard to tell from my cartoon, I know, but I wearily agree with everything said at the UN Climate Summit last week in Manhattan. I applaud all the passionate, well-meaning, non-binding carbon-reduction initiatives and promises. And I will continue to do so for years to come, I’m sure.

Climate change

Climate change
It’s always a head-scratcher to effectively juxtapose multiple stories in the news in cartoon form. But in this case I was unable to resist contrasting that rare spectacle of Washington cooperating over threats-to-our-existence-as-we-know-it with my pessimism about climate change.