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The future of LGA

The future of LaGuardia airport Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that LaGuardia airport’s seedy and decrepit appearance was “un-New York.” I’m not sure that I agree.

Prison break

When news outlets began reporting that some bad men had busted themselves out upstate, initially this was what I thought they meant.

Time travel

Once you’ve seen one musty old power vacuum, you’ve seen ’em all.

On time

Gov. Cuomo’s better policy positions got shelved but at least we have a budget. Right?

The lesson

As a student, I had a couple of amazing, transformative teachers, and a fair number of OK ones. But the thought of a certain few can still make me break into a cold sweat. School administrators could have eyed my caricature-filled notebooks at the time to obtain some extremely accurate teacher evaluations.

Three men in a room

The dueling roles of the NY State legislator does make one pause, especially considering the legislative part generally pays the least.

The PowerPoint on the mount

Governor Cuomo’s State of The State speech/presentation displayed some mad PowerPoint skills. And some mad math skills to.