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VOTERS' GUIDE Nov. 2, 2021 general election

Roni-Sue Jenkins

Roni-Sue Jenkins is running for Council Member, City of Glen Cove

Roni-Sue Jenkins




  • Jenkins, 52, a digital marketing and advertising consultant, cofounded a lifestyle website for women and co-authored two humor books on "midlife musings." She is also on the Conservative and Tax Revolt party lines in her first run for public office.
  • She created the North Shore Business Network to help small business owners; organized fundraisers each year for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation; and launched car parades to mark residents’ milestones during the pandemic, including a World War II veteran‘s birthday and graduation for her daughter’s high school senior class.
  • She received her finance degree from SUNY Old Westbury.


  • Jenkins said the city needs new revenue streams and a five-year budget plan that would identify assets needing repair so they don’t end up like the city’s fishing pier, closed due to "severe disrepair."
  • To create a robust downtown, she visualizes fuller use of parks - children’s events during the day, concerts for adults at night - and she would revive the cabaret-style dinner theater that once enhanced life in Glen Cove.
  • She would focus on small businesses by employing her social media skills to grow their digital presence.