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VOTERS GUIDE June 2021 local primaries

Leah E. Rosensweig Tozer

Leah E. Rosensweig Tozer is running for Council Member, City of Long Beach — Democratic

Leah E. Rosensweig Tozer

Leah E. Rosensweig Tozer



  • Rosensweig Tozer, 46, a Long Beach resident for 27 years, has been a real estate broker for over 17 years and sits on the board for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.
  • She has served as a PTA member in Long Beach for seven years.
  • She earned her bachelor’s degree from Queens College.


  • Rosensweig Tozer said she will develop an infrastructure plan to protect the city from natural disasters.
  • She said she will help bring affordable housing to Long Beach, bring in new residents and keep longtime owners in the city.
  • She said she will create initiatives, such as collaborating with businesses in the community to promote and bring in tourism and use those proceeds for economic development.

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