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VOTERS GUIDE Nov. 2, 2021 general election

Evelyn J. Hobson-Womack

Evelyn J. Hobson-Womack is running for Council Member, Town of Riverhead

Evelyn J. Hobson-Womack




  • Hobson-Womack, 56, retired as detective from the Riverhead Police Department in June after serving for nearly three decades. She also is running on the Working Families Party line.
  • She was the first woman and the first African American to be appointed to the rank of detective first-grade in the department.
  • Hobson-Womack graduated from Riverhead High School in 1983. Upon graduation, she joined the Army Reserves, in which served for about six years.


  • Hobson-Womack wants the town to hire additional police officers to meet Riverheads growing population.
  • If elected, she would work to bring small business such as restaurants and butcher shops to downtown Riverhead. She wants to create a business district where families and young adults can gather for lunch and dinner.
  • Hobson-Womack opposes the construction of several three- and four-story affordable housing complexes that have gone up in downtown Riverhead, citing concerns over the potential lack of parking. The mixed-use buildings, one with more than 100 apartments, has created a "problem" for the police.

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