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VOTERS GUIDE Long Island Voters Guide: Nov. 7, 2023 general election

Christopher E. Fiumara

Christopher E. Fiumara is running for Council Member, City of Long Beach

Christopher E. Fiumara

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  • Fiumara, 47, of Long Beach, is an entrepreneur who owns and operates businesses in the real estate, sales organization and restaurant industries.
  • He has lived in Long Beach for 25 years and is making his first run for public office.
  • He is involved in fundraisers for charitable organizations that include the Long Beach-based 34.3 Foundation, which raises money for fallen or injured New York City firefighters and their families.


  • Fiumara said the city’s taxes are his “No. 1 issue” and that if elected he will use knowledge gained from his professional business experience “to offset the city’s tax burden and to generate income to the city.”
  • He said that if elected he and his team “would do all we can to hold the line on taxes, increase revenue, stop mismanagement and improve quality of life.”
  • “Residents continue to pay for the mismanagement of current and past administrations,” he said, citing a recent lawsuit settlement that led to a 10% city tax increase this year. 

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