Eighth-grader Ozlem Gunes remembers the man who walked around during Ramadan, banging a drum and calling for people to wake up for suhoor, the pre-sunrise meal. The 14-year-old misses how, in her homeland of Turkey, the month was celebrated openly outside on the streets, as well as in her home. Still, since she and her family moved to Babylon four years ago, Ramadan very much remains a family affair. She lives with her father, older brother, aunt, uncle, aunt’s mother and cousin. Gunes had to learn English after arriving in New York and said she picked up the language in six months. Because of her experience, she wants to pursue teaching as a career. asked five Long Islanders to share their experiences during Ramadan by sending in Instagram photos every day for 30 days: the commuter, the single mom, the teacher, the teenager and the sports fan.

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