Sarah Eltabib is a single mother who wants her 8-year-old daughter to enjoy authentic Ramadan traditions while creating new ones the two of them can share. The night before the month starts, they light lanterns and dance about the house, singing Egyptian folk songs. On the last night of Ramadan, she will make sure they each have new pajamas to mark the ending. Eltabib, 33, was born in Egypt and moved to Lynbrook with her family as a toddler. Since childhood, she has been a member of the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury. Now her daughter attends that mosque, and Eltabib leads her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She balances her career as a human rights historian and professor at Adelphi University with raising her daughter, who is into everything from playing violin to fencing. Not fazed by long days of fasting, Eltabib will spend her spare time during Ramadan engaged in favorite pursuits: kickboxing, jogging and photography. asked five Long Islanders to share their experiences during Ramadan by sending in Instagram photos every day for 30 days: the commuter, the single mom, the teacher, the teenager and the sports fan.

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