Ammad Sheikh’s family strives to eat healthy and homegrown all year ’round. They have eggs from the chickens they own, and Sheikh tends fruits, vegetables and herbs in the backyard garden of the family’s Suffolk County home. During Ramadan, the 37-year-old will depart early from his job at a financial services firm in Manhattan, so he can break the fast with his family at the Masjid Darul Quran in Bay Shore. Sheikh is founder of the South Asian Sports Network, which has helped create sports leagues across Long Island and in Queens and now has almost 1,000 participants. During the summer, even when he’s fasting, Sheikh will both manage and play for Hit N Run, his softball team in the South Asian Softball League. He also enjoys casting the occasional fishing line into the Great South Bay, in the hope of catching fluke or striped bass. asked five Long Islanders to share their experiences during Ramadan by sending in Instagram photos every day for 30 days: the commuter, the single mom, the teacher, the teenager and the sports fan.

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