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Peter N. Magistrale | General Election Voters Guide

Peter N. Magistrale is running for New York State Senator - 2nd District

Peter N. Magistrale

Magistrale said that Albany has become a tool for powerful special interest groups and corrupt politicians, citing the arrest of more than a dozen politicians in the state recently. He said the corruption stems from the way campaigns are funded and that must be changed. “The biggest thing we can do is establish a publicly financed campaign system because then politicians don’t have to rely on these powerful special interests, Wall Street, anybody with enough money to bribe a politician,” he said. “They wouldn’t have to go to them to raise money; in doing so when they go to make laws they make laws in favor of their donors. The corruption is going to continue until we take money out of politics.”

Magistrale, 25, of St. James, is a certified public accountant at a Manhattan fund management company. This is his first run for office. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in taxation from Hofstra University. Before starting his campaign he worked as a mentor for the Big Brothers organization.