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VOTERS GUIDE Long Island Voters Guide: Nov. 8, 2022, elections for New York, Nassau & Suffolk

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez is running for New York State comptroller

Paul Rodriguez




  • Rodriguez, 53, lives in Brooklyn.
  • He has 25 years of experience in global financial markets on Wall Street and in advising small businesses.
  • He was born in Queens and lived in Puerto Rico for 10 years and used his fluency in Spanish to work throughout Latin America and Europe.
  • He attended Northwestern University and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Georgia and had an economics fellowship at Stanford University.
  • He unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2004 against Rep. Nydia Valesquez. He managed a multi-million fundraising campaign for the Archdiocese of New York. 


  • Rodriguez says he is a political outsider who will professionalize the comptroller’s office.
  • He said he will serve as a better watchdog on state spending.
  • He said he will work to lower the cost of living in New York State by reducing government spending and by attracting employers to a more business-friendly environment.
  • He said he will use the office to combat “play-to-play” in which some elected officials have favored campaign contributors with state contracts.
  • He said the pension must be invested without being influenced by political popularity or activism by the comptroller.

Man dies in house fire ... $6M spent on Suffolk exec race ... Setting a holiday table  Man dies in house fire ... Animal cruelty charge ... $6M spent on Suffolk exec race ... Setting a holiday table