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VOTERS' GUIDE General Election - November 5, 2019

Patrick W. Deegan Jr.

Patrick W. Deegan Jr. is running for Huntington town council member

Patrick W. Deegan Jr.


Deegan, 46, is running on the Libertarian line. He is seeking his first elected position.


  • Deegan says his No. 1 concern is the environment, specifically water quailty.
  • Rapid overdevelopment of the town is also an area he is concerned about, especially the impact on quality-of-life issues overdevelopment brings, such as traffic, impact on the environment and changing the face and character of neighborhoods.
  • He said he wants to see more community involvement. "I don't believe the community is brought to the table with any respect. Time and time again they say we've had community input. If that were true, or accurate, we wouldn't be having hearings where people are up in arms and fighting with the board."