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VOTERS GUIDE Long Island Voters Guide: Nov. 8, 2022, elections for New York, Nassau & Suffolk

Eric Ari Brown

Eric Ari Brown is running for New York State Assembly - 20th District

Eric Ari Brown




  • Brown, 54, of Cedarhurst, seeks his first full term after winning a special election in April and has the backing of the Conservative Party. 
  • He is deputy mayor of Cedarhurst Village and president of a design/building firm. His bachelor’s degree in economics is from Queens College.
  • He considers himself a fiscal conservative whose work with the village business improvement district reduced the downtown vacancy rate.


  • On public safety, he would repeal or fix bail reform, fight hate crimes and antisemitism and give more support to law enforcement, noting he has delivered $50,000 for two police booths in Oceanside. 
  • He would eliminate New York City’s congestion pricing, saying it amounts to a commuter tax on Long Islanders.
  • To alleviate traffic jams in the Five Towns area and provide a convenient evacuation route, he would reexamine a 1940s plan for Nassau Expressway to link southwest Nassau to New York City, but notes this would now cost billions of dollars.
  • He vows to distribute aid equitably, saying he split a $25,000 grant between the five libraries in his district.