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VOTERS GUIDE Long Island Voters Guide: Nov. 7, 2023 general election

Darien D. Ward

Darien D. Ward is running for Council Member, Town of Hempstead, 4th District

Darien D. Ward

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  • Ward, 55, of Baldwin, is making his first bid for political office. He is a loan officer with his own firm, The Build Business and Advisory Group.
  • He has lived in Baldwin for 18 years and is a past president of the Baldwin Civic Association.
  • He graduated from Cornell University School of Industrial Labor Relations.


  • Ward said he is running for the town council because he wants to push for more consultation between the town and its hamlets and villages, accusing the town of using a heavy-handed approach rather than a collaborative one. 
  • He said he wants to see town officials have more of a presence at community events and be more responsive to community concerns.
  • He said he wants to promote more engagement between town officials and civic organizations as a way of developing more accountability and creating another level of discourse between elected officials and residents. 

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