What’s going on with the LIRR right now? Live updates

After months of planning and dread, the “summer of hell” has arrived on Long Island.

Check back here for live updates from Newsday’s reporters, and tune in to News 12 Long Island as they broadcast from the field.

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Trains came and went at Jamaica station mostly unremarkably during Monday’s morning rush hour, passengers and LIRR personnel said.

Jamaica station, a potential choke point junction where hundreds of trains pass through each day, was flooded with LIRR customer service personnel in blaze-orange safety vests.

They carried paper printouts of scheduling changes, and helped direct passengers through sometimes confusing train transfers. One of them, who had been on duty since 5 a.m., said the morning commute at Jamaica seemingly had gone off without a hitch.

The LIRR employee, who would only identify herself as a manager in a project planning office, said many of her colleagues in the office had been reassigned to help guide commuters on Jamaica station’s platforms, and that she expected to continue to do so into September.

“It’s been all hands on deck,” she said. “But I don’t know how our regular work is going to get done.”

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"When I pulled up to the #Freeport train station this morning and noticed how empty it was, I was wondered why. Is it because it's the first day of the #summerofhell? Did most people decide to drive? I don't know but there's nothing worse than driving to #Manhattan during rush hour. The last couple of month's have been a total disaster and I anticipate what lies ahead will be just as challenging. Increases in fares, increases in headaches. They reduced some fares but not for the July monthlies. This situation makes it harder to plan because most of the time I have no idea when I will get to work or when I will get back home." David Silverstein, 47, Merrick resident, owner of Human Resources firm H.R. Search Partners, located in Times Square, which he said is a "10-minute walk from #PennStation. Silverstein was taking the 9:06 a.m. train from Freeport to Penn. #summerofhell #lirr #mta #newsdayreporter #newsday

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9:03 a.m.   West End Concourse

9:02 a.m.   Atlantic Terminal

8:56 a.m.   Port Washington

8:39 a.m.   Penn Station

8:32 a.m.   Hunterspoint Avenue

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"Summer of Hell" starts today! LIRR super packed and late. #lirr #summerofhell #rushhour #longislandrailroad #firstpost

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8:17 a.m.   Penn Station

8:13 a.m.   Hunterspoint Avenue

8:03 a.m.   Babylon

8 a.m.  


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