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VOTERS' GUIDE General Election - November 5, 2019

Yvette Aguiar

Yvette Aguiar is running for Riverhead town supervisor

Yvette Aguiar


Aguiar, 60, runs as a retired NYPD counterterrorism sergeant and the first Latino vying for elected office in Riverhead. She is on the Conservative line. 


  • She would lower tax bills by using all of the $40 million from the sale of 1,600 acres at Enterprise Park in Calverton and make sure all parties fulfill the commitment to keep 1,000 of those acres as open space.
  • Her 10-point plan for the school overcrowding “crisis” calls for a multiagency task force to tackle the problem from the streets to the courts, including identifying roadside signs of illegal rentals to escalating fines for repeat violators.
  • She believes flexible land zoning is needed to bring vibrancy back to communities, including a mix of housing in downtown, such as assisted-living, co-ops and affordable housing for young adults.