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VOTERS' GUIDE General Election - November 5, 2019

William C. Van Helmond

William C. Van Helmond is running for Riverhead town council member

William C. Van Helmond


Van Helmond, 56, ran unsuccessfully for highway superintendent in 2017 after the Republican Party declined to tap the landscaping business owner for council races.


  • He wants a more fair tax abatement system by giving longer breaks, say 10 years, for businesses and projects and clawing back savings from those who violate the deal, such as closing stores.
  • He considers $40 million too low for more than 1,600 acres at the Enterprise Park at Calverton and would like the tentative sales deal with developers renegotiated.
  • He called the town’s business approach “weak” and suggested a combination of tax breaks and transfer of development rights to steer businesses to Route 58.