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VOTERS' GUIDE New York primary elections: What to know about June 28, 2022, governor, lieutenant governor and Long Island races

Thomas Wiermann

Thomas Wiermann is running for New York State Assembly, 4th District — Republican

Thomas Wiermann



BACKGROUND: Wiermann, 48, of Port Jefferson Station, is a former physical education and health teacher with the New York City Department of Education, at M.S. 101 The Edward R. Byrne School in the Bronx. He also coached middle school basketball. Wiermann took an "involuntary resignation" from the school in October 2021 after he declined to be vaccinated against COVID-19. He also said he lost his position as an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College in Purchase for declining vaccine requirements.

Wiermann holds a liberal arts degree from Nassau Community College, a bachelor's degree in international business from Hofstra University, and a Master of Science degree in education, specializing in physical education, from Hofstra.

ISSUES: Wiermann said he is driven to run in large part due to his opposition to state and federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Also, he said he wants to strengthen voter security, he said, by promoting digital fingerprint technology. He said voters should, “register their thumb print and lock it up in block chain technology." That way, he said, voters can't vote twice.

He also opposes abortion rights for women and says, he "would love to see abortion outlawed." He also opposes New York gun control measures. He says the state and federal government should focus, instead, on strengthening security in schools and providing more funding for mental health services.