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VOTERS' GUIDE General Election - November 5, 2019

Junie Legister

Junie Legister is running for Brookhaven town supervisor

Junie Legister


Legister, 58, of Centereach, is running on the Libertarian line. She is a sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics and a community volunteer who works with schools, seniors and veterans.


  • Legister said she would create more affordable housing by converting zombie homes into low-cost housing. She said the town should carve out space designated for affordable housing.
  • Legister said the town should foster small-business growth by creating programs to help them get established. More small businesses would lower taxes, she said, adding she would create tax incentives and offer seminars for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • She said she would create a public bank that would provide loans with lower interest rates than privately owned banks. The bank would be modeled on the state-owned Bank of North Dakota, she said, adding public banks also have been proposed in New York City and Los Angeles.