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VOTERS GUIDE General Election - November 5, 2019

Joan Manahan

Joan Manahan is running for Suffolk County Legislator, 11th District

Joan Manahan


Manahan, 88, lives in Brightwaters and entered the race because she objected to the prospect of the Conservative Partys endorsement of her Democratic rival, who she defeated in the Conservative primary. Manahan, a travel agent, spent 32 years working for Grumman.


  • Her platform calls for reducing the county budget by 1 percent. Youd be amazed how much youd save, she said.
  • She wants to abolish the Suffolk Community Resources to Assist Undocumented Immigrants because the recipients are against the law and theyre getting money They should be sent back to their countries where they came from.

'Why am I giving up my Friday night to listen to this?' A Newsday analysis shows the number of referees and umpires has declined 25.2% in Nassau and 18.1% in Suffolk since 2011-12. Officials and administrators say the main reason is spectator behavior. NewsdayTV's Carissa Kellman reports.