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VOTERS' GUIDE General Election - November 5, 2019

Jake Gutowitz

Jake Gutowitz is running for Nassau County legislator, 13th District

Jake Gutowitz


Gutowitz, 22, of Wantagh, is running on the Libertarian line. Gutowitz graduated in May with a computer science degree from LIU Post and worked part time as a software developer for a Long Island company before entering the county legislator race.


  • Gutowitz vowed, if elected, to fight tax increases and “do my best” to cut spending.
  • He is a proponent of ranked-choice voting, an electoral system in which voters rank preference on their ballots, which he called “a much more democratic way of electing candidates” because it “eliminates the idea that a vote for an independent or third-party candidate is a waste.”
  • He said that he would work to end the use of red-light cameras, which he called “dangerous, unconstitutional surveillance” by the government.