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Voters GuideGeneral Election - Nov. 7, 2017

Christopher M. Madden | General Election - Nov. 7, 2017

Christopher M. Madden is running for Suffolk County legislator, 15th District

Christopher M. Madden

Madden said his top issue is putting an end to red-light cameras. “It’s a killer,” he said. “We need to get rid of this program. It’s causing a lot more accidents.” He also opposes raising taxes and fees, the Common Core school curriculum, and objects to the condition of the county’s roads and the railroad system. He said he hopes to see government take on the illegal drug problem, as well as gang violence. “It has been difficult to live and raise a family in Suffolk County,” he said. “The past few years it is getting even more challenging.” Madden said it’s critical that government take on the current gang and drug problems, as well as school funding challenges. “Our schools are underfunded,” he said. “Due to all the illegal apartments, we taxpayers are burdened with high property taxes to fund our schools.”

Madden, 46, of Lindenhurst, is running on the Republican and Reform party lines. He owns a U.S. Customs warehouse and logistics agency, which is akin to an impound yard for international cargo: When shipments come in from a foreign port and don’t get clearance to enter the country, Customs orders it to a warehouse like Madden’s, and he’s charged with resolving any issues. Madden is also a partner in a commercial loan and credit-repair consultancy. Madden says he’s not a politician, but an entrepreneur who struggles to support his family and keep his businesses operating. “I was one of the first people who sat with generals and admirals right after 9/11 to figure out a way to make our air travel safer and how to get cargo safely in and out of the country,” he said. “I have experience with the regulations and compliance of Department of Homeland Security.” He is married, with three children.