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Voters Guide2016 Presidential Election

Chris Christie | 2016 Presidential Election

Chris Christie is running for Republican presidential candidates

Chris Christie

Christie has emphasized that he is the only candidate who has prosecuted terrorists and he alone knows how to keep American safe in today’s world. He has also staked out a positon as being a Republican who can win over Democratic voters, as he has done in the state dominated by Democratic voters and legislators. Christie would send U.S. troops into combat in the Middle East, but he said that knowing what he knows now, the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. He has said he would simplify the tax code into three brackets, which he said would allow him to lower corporate taxes to help them prosper and create more jobs. He would expand “drug courts” for nonviolent offenders who would be sent to rehabilitation, rather than incarceration. He would allow parents to choose to send their children to schools outside their districts. He also would eliminate the payroll tax paid by employers for their workers older than 62 as well as for workers under 25.

Christie, 53, is running for the Republican nomination for president. He was born and raised in New Jersey and attended the University of Delaware where he majored in political science. He earned his law degree from Seton Hall University and was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1987. In 2001, President George W. Bush appointed Christie to be the U.S. attorney in New Jersey. In office, he ran up a string of convictions including those against terrorists and politicians accused of corruption. In 2009, Christie was first elected New Jersey governor. In 2013, Christie was faced with a scandal that the media called “Bridge-gate” — when he fired some top aides in connection with a traffic lane was closed on the George Washington Bridge as retribution against a mayor. Christie is married to the former Mary Pat Foster and they have four children.