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Voters GuideGeneral Election - Nov. 7, 2017

Charles A. Brisbane | General Election - Nov. 7, 2017

Charles A. Brisbane is running for Oyster Bay town council member

Charles A. Brisbane

Brisbane said what he’s most concerned about is “crony politics,” citing the appointments of “like-minded successors” to town government. “You really need to open these boards up for the proper work to get done,” he said. Brisbane said he would like to see term limits imposed so that board members could serve no more than 12 years. To address financial problems, he said, the town needs to do an inventory of its assets and services to assess potential sales or privatization. “In order to find out what’s providing the greatest benefit for the least amount of money, you need to have a complete review of what the town owns and what it provides services for,” Brisbane said. He said changes are often needed in government procedures that have been done a certain way for a long time. “You get old practices that are taken for granted because people get comfortable in those seats, but [they] are no longer efficient,” he said.

Brisbane, 65, a real estate broker from Locust Valley, is running on the Reform Party line. In addition to working as broker, he is a partner in a family commercial real estate business. He received his undergraduate degree in economics from C.W. Post. He is president of the Locust Valley library board. He is married, with two adult children.