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Voters GuideGeneral Election Voters Guide

Brendan J. Cunningham | General Election Voters Guide

Brendan J. Cunningham is running for New York State Assemblyman - 9th District

Brendan J. Cunningham

Cunningham said he is running to give voters a fresh voice in Albany. “I’m passionate about public service, and voters need a choice.” After the spate of political leaders indicted on corruption charges, he would like to see some additional reforms, including a limit on how much legislators can earn in outside income while in office, putting their private work aside while in public office, “so that their number one priority is the public.” He said he believes in term limits, similar to the Suffolk Legislature’s 12-year limit to avoid career politicians, and thinks public financing of elections should be a serious discussion, similar to how it’s done in New York City. “Anytime you can get rid of the influence of big money,” government brings more people into the process. Cunningham said he applauds the efforts of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the legislature in the heroin crisis, including making treatment more accessible, but “I want to see it go even further.” Common Core reform is necessary, too, and he wants to be a voice for the “stakeholders to have a say in educational policy.” On the environmental front, Cunningham said the government needs to continue pressuring the U.S. Navy to lead the effort for cleanup of the Bethpage plume contamination at the old Grumman site.

Brendan Cunningham, 23, a West Babylon resident, is running on the Democratic line. He is deputy director of communications for the Town of Babylon. He received his bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College. He is active in Sam Fuld’s USF Diabetes Camp in Tampa, Florida, where he works with kids to help them understand their diabetes as well as to teach them football. Cunningham has been a Democratic committeeman for three years, and interned in 2014 with Steve Israel’s congressional campaign.