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VOTERS GUIDE Nov. 2, 2021 general election

Bernadin Fleurima

Bernadin Fleurima is running for Nassau County Legislator, 3rd District

Bernadin Fleurima

Bernadin Fleurima



  • Bernadin Fleurima, 53, of Valley Stream, is running on the Republican and Conservative party lines. He immigrated to the United States from Haiti in 1990.
  • Fleurima currently serves as pastor of Shalom Ministries Foundation Seventh Day Adventist in Valley Stream.
  • Fleurimas career has focused on helping those in need, particularly with housing issues and those battling substance abuse.


  • Fleurima supports allocating special funding from the countys recent opioid settlements toward treating those fighting drug addiction.
  • He wants to build relationships between police and community in the Third District.
  • Fleurima would use the countys budget surplus to deliver tax cuts to residents who are still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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