Everything the editorial board wrote about in 2017

It’s been a busy year.

The nation inaugurated a new president. Federal indictments targeted top politicians in Nassau and Suffolk counties. A wave of disclosures exposed sexual harassment and misconduct by prominent men across industries and politics. LIRR commuters dealt with the Summer of Hell.

This year, the editorial board wrote more than 400 editorials – taking positions on the news, politics and policies that impact Long Islanders. Editorials are the consensus position of the editorial board. They are written and reported independently of the newsroom; news editors, reporters and photographers are not involved in the creation of this material.

With each argument we publish, we strive to be a reasoned and pragmatic advocate for what is best for Long Island. We hope readers will use this index of the editorials written in 2017 as a way to easily research our priors positions, suggest additional topics to us that are not being recognized and to hold us accountable for our views.

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Produced by Sam Guzik and Amanda Fiscina