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Democratic debate watch: Editorial Board and Point readers pick winner

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary season returns this week for another round of debates.

To evaluate the debate performance of these disparate candidates, members of the Newsday editorial board are rating each contender on their overall performance on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best. These ratings are not endorsements of any candidate or his or her views; rather, they are a measure of how well the candidates contribute to the national discussion.

That’s a wrap on night one of the Democratic debates this week. If you rated along with us tonight, make sure to come back again tomorrow. If you didn’t, join us for round two Wednesday at 8 p.m by signing up here.

The Editorial Board selected Elizabeth Warren as the winner tonight and Point readers picked Elizabeth Warren as well. Here are key takeaways from Tuesday’s debate from members of the editorial board.

Mark Chiusano: Elizabeth Warren had the key line: she didn’t know why you’d run for president “just to talk about what we really can’t do.” She and Bernie Sanders defended their plans on their own terms while moderates chose caution, not the typical route to Democratic victory.

Rita Ciolli: Elizabeth Warren trounced Bernie Sanders; Steve Bullock earned his spot; Tim Ryan stole the middle from Amy Klobuchar; Pete Buttigieg steadily smart. Marianne Willamson finds a niche.

Michael Dobie: Urgency from all was welcome but too much time was spent attacking Trump, Democrats already don’t like him; Warren and Buttigieg were head of this class.

Lane Filler: A debate unusually heavy on complicated policy questions and answers showcased the debating chops and passion of Elizabeth Warren and the common sense approach of Pete Buttigieg, but the party needs a leader who combines those traits.

Amanda Fiscina: There are clearly limitations with this format and this field size, but despite that we witnessed some substantial public policy discussions. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg shined and some lesser-knowns squeezed in notable moments.

Randi F. Marshall: Even with a clear divide in the party and among the candidates, Elizabeth Warren owned this debate, while everyone else just tried to keep up.

Eli Reyes: Early still in this race, but on Tuesday night Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren continued to dictate many of the contours of the Democratic primary.

Lawrence Striegel: Tuesday seemed to present an effort by candidates to distinguish themselves either as broad visionaries or pragmatic moderates – and non-Trumps all around.

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