Tracking the Coronavirus on Long Island

See how vaccinations are going in your community – as well as COVID-19 infection rates and economic impacts across Long Island, New York City and New York State.

COVID-19 Vaccination Rates by ZIP Code

This map and the table below it show vaccination progress among Long Island communities based on federal data provided by New York State. The darker areas have higher percentages of fully vaccinated residents. Rates are for entire population.

The CDC calculates the rates by matching state vaccination statistics against the latest U.S. Census Bureau ZIP code population estimates. Those statistics are the best available data but can be higher or lower than actual.  For example, vaccination rates in ZIP codes with small populations can appear to be as high as 100%, while rates in ZIP codes that include college campuses can appear to be comparatively low. Patient address corrections can cause slight rate declines.

Sources: New York State; U.S. Census Bureau; U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19 totals

Chart sources: New York State, New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties and U.S. Census Bureau

Economics numbers