Meet your new PSEG bill

Hundreds of thousands of electric customers this week have begun receiving newly designed PSEG Long Island bills as the company works to address a major complaint that old bills were difficult to read and understand. Click on the numbered points below for more information about the changes.

Front of bill

1 1Amount dueThe amount due is bigger and highlighted in orange three times on the front and back of the bill. The pay by date is also featured in the orange box, slightly higher than it appeared on the old design. 2 2Account summaryInformation about current charges and billing period are featured higher on the page. 3 3Your energy usageThe new bill offers a more in-depth look at a customer’s energy use, including current and historical energy use, and details like the average daily temperature. 4 4ContactsThe list of contact numbers is more specific so customers can find the department they need. 5 5Pay stubThe pay stub is now located at the bottom of the page instead of the top. The new pay stub includes detailed information about payment options.

Back of bill

6 6More detailsCharges are broken into three sections with definitions located directly under each charge as well as percentages representing each segment. 7 7DefinitionsThe bill definition box explains energy-related terms and the reasons for taxes and adjustments.