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Ex-Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto

John Venditto

State charges: Corrupt use of position or authority; official misconduct; conspiracy; defrauding the government

John Venditto, Oyster Bay supervisor, was indicted on federal corruption charges in October 2016. Venditto pleaded not guilty and resigned in January. His trial started on March 12, 2018. In June 2017, the Nassau DA indicted Venditto, who prosecutors said was involved in a real-estate deal and orchestrating a hiring. Venditto pleaded not guilty. A superseding federal indictment was announced Nov. 21 adding 21 charges involving allegations of securities fraud. Venditto was acquitted of all federal charges on May 24. He still faces state charges.

The latest on the Venditto case

May 24, 2018: Editorial: Respect for the solemn duty of a jury of one’s peers May 24, 2018: Venditto not guilty on all charges; jury still deliberating on Manganos May 23, 2018: Power on trial: A video show, and a lawyer returns May 23, 2018: Jurors in corruption trial ask to see footage of Mangano’s front door May 23, 2018: Power on trial: Who’s who in the Mangano-Venditto trial May 22, 2018: Jurors in Mangano-Venditto trial say they need ‘further instruction’ May 22, 2018: Power on Trial: When jurors disagree May 21, 2018: Power on Trial: Jury begins second day of deliberations May 21, 2018: Jurors in Mangano-Venditto case say they can’t ‘agree on certain items’ May 21, 2018: Jurors in political corruption case deliberate for second day May 19, 2018: Power on trial: The waiting game May 18, 2018: Jurors reach no verdict on 1st day of Mangano-Venditto deliberations May 17, 2018: At last — the jury deliberates in the Mangano-Venditto case May 17, 2018: Jurors in Mangano-Venditto corruption case to begin deliberations May 17, 2018: Power on trial: All eyes on the jury May 16, 2018: Power on Trial: Defense lawyers go after Singh May 16, 2018: Defense attorneys attack Singh’s credibility at corruption trial May 15, 2018: Power on Trial: Closing arguments May 15, 2018: Feds: Mangano and Venditto ‘traded their office’ for money May 14, 2018: Power on Trial: ‘Time flies’ May 14, 2018: Judge refuses to dismiss Mangano-Venditto indictments May 13, 2018: Feds could wrap case Monday in Mangano trial May 11, 2018: Power on Trial: Financial footprints May 11, 2018: Judge rejects Venditto’s mistrial request, papers show May 10, 2018: Power on Trial: Two witnesses, two similar stories May 10, 2018: Contractor: I gave Mangano cash to help with problems May 9, 2018: Power on Trial: Analyst finds trouble in Oyster Bay May 9, 2018: Analyst: Town withheld info on Singh’s loans May 8, 2018: Power on Trial: How much evidence is enough? May 8, 2018: Financial advisers say they didn’t know about Singh loans May 7, 2018: Power on Trial: Some unexpected news May 7, 2018: Auditor: Town masked $22 million deficit May 5, 2018: Corruption trial: The tale of 329 Broadway May 3, 2018: Power on Trial: The signs of lying May 3, 2018: FBI agent: Linda Mangano cried when subpoenaed May 2, 2018: Power on Trial: Of bribes and town salaries May 2, 2018: Genova testified he initially lied to prosecutors May 1, 2018: Power on Trial: ‘Keys to the county’ May 1, 2018: Witness: Singh’s problems were at the top of the pile April 30, 2018: Power on Trial: Genova describes how things work April 30, 2018: Venditto approved all of Singh’s contracts, Genova says April 28, 2018: Nassau corruption trial: What’s the standard for guilt? April 26, 2018: Power on Trial: Witnesses discuss Linda Mangano April 26, 2018: Company was ready to provide Sandy meals, owner testifies April 25, 2018: Power on Trial: Brief blackout, a light moment April 25, 2018: Singh manager: Never saw Linda Mangano at eatery April 24, 2018: Power on Trial: Oyster Bay backed Singh, witness says April 24, 2018: Witness: Mangano was behind no-bid Sandy contract April 23, 2018: Power on Trial: Coliseum financing discussed April 23, 2018: Former Nassau employees to testify in Mangano-Venditto trial April 21, 2018: Nassau corruption trial: Finding an end-around on loan guarantees April 20, 2018: Power on Trial: Sinnreich faces off with Mangano’s defense attorney April 20, 2018: Outside counsel testifies he cautioned Oyster Bay on ‘bogus’ proposal April 20, 2018: Outside counsel testifies he cautioned Oyster Bay on ‘bogus’ proposal April 19, 2018: Witness testifies Mangano told others on Singh deal ‘Let’s get this thing done’ April 18, 2018: Power on Trial: Mangano urged Singh deal to be done, witness says April 17, 2018: Venditto, Genova viewed FBI probe as ‘rite of passage,’ Mei testifies April 17, 2018: Power on Trial: Mei says he feared for his job, pension April 17, 2018: Marshall: Tracing that ‘Oyster Bay way’ April 16, 2018: Frederick Mei testifies about ‘the Oyster Bay way’ April 16, 2018: Power on Trial: How the system works, according to Mei April 14, 2018: Nassau corruption trial: Wrangling over town loan guarantees April 14, 2018: Power on Trial: Seeking a solution for Singh’s financing April 11, 2018: Power on Trial: Lawyer has no ‘independent recollection’ April 11, 2018: VIPs ate for free at Singh’s venues, Mangano witness trial says April 10, 2018: Witness: Town ‘would be on the hook’ if Singh defaulted April 9, 2018: Power on Trial: New witnesses for the prosecution testify April , 2018: April 9, 2018: Montesano testifies he was pressured to hire Linda Mangano April 7, 2018: Nassau corruption trial: Parsing the meaning of truth and love April 7, 2018: April 5, 2018: Power on Trial: Mr. Singh, ‘you’re excused’ April 5, 2018: Harendra Singh ends testimony in Mangano’s trial April 4, 2018: Power on Trial: Just answer yes or no, Mr. Singh April 4, 2018: Singh: Oyster Bay ‘was willing to do whatever I wanted’ April 3, 2018: Power on Trial: Linda Mangano did some work April 3, 2018: Singh: I was unaware of Linda Mangano’s workload April 2, 2018: Power on Trial: Carman begins quizzing Singh April 2, 2018: Singh testifies he was ‘in denial’ at Mangano’s trial March 31, 2018: Power on Trial: Scenes from the Mangano trial March 31, 2018: Mangano defense attacks Singh March 29, 2018: Power on Trial: Mei wears a wire to talk to Singh March 29, 2018: Singh FBI wire: Ed Mangano did ‘nothing, nothing’ for me March 28, 2018: Singh: Edward Mangano paid for some of his own meals March 28, 2018: Power on Trial: Singh’s 7th day on the witness stand March 28, 2018: Ciolli: Did Mondello get discount on daughter’s wedding? March 27, 2018: Power on Trial: Scenes from an Italian restaurant March 27, 2018: Linda Mangano asked Singh not to bring gifts to parties, texts show March 26, 2018: Power on Trial: The defense attacks Singh’s credibility March 26, 2018: Singh details perks at Mangano’s corruption trial March 24, 2018: Power on Trial: A glimpse into a political rite of passage March 24, 2018: Singh, in his testimony, describes lavishing gifts on officials March 26, 2018: Harendra Singh to be cross-examined this week at Mangano trial March 24, 2018: Power on Trial: A glimpse into a political rite of passage March 24, 2018: Singh, in his testimony, describes lavishing gifts on officials March 22, 2018: Power on Trial: Singh, in testimony, drops a lot of names March 22, 2018: Singh testifies he gave Venditto, family countless free luxury rides March 22, 2018: Power on Trial: Singh, in testimony, drops a lot of names March 20, 2018: Singh: Mangano, VIPs got ‘special food’ for superstorm Sandy March 20, 2018: Power on Trial: Singh tells how he got a bread contract March 19, 2018: Power on Trial: Singh talks patronage, building an empire March 19, 2018: Singh testifies he hired Linda Mangano but expected no work from her March 19, 2018: Harendra Singh resumes testimony Monday in Edward Mangano trial March 17, 2018: Singh learned how to make friends in Nassau politics March 17, 2018: Power on Trial: The world according to Singh March 16, 2018: Mangano, Venditto “circumvented” permit process, prosecutors allege March 16, 2018: Editorial: Don’t confuse political corruption with friendship March 15, 2018: Power on Trial: Harendra Singh takes the witness stand March 15, 2018: In Mangano, Singh said he saw a ‘connection’ to help his business March 14, 2018: Singh laundered money for Mangano, prosecutors allege March 14, 2018: Feds say Mangano ‘sold himself’; defense attacks Singh’s credibility March 14, 2018: Power on Trial: Low-show jobs and witness credibility March 13, 2018: Singh to play major role in trial of Manganos, Venditto March 12, 2018: Jury seated for Mangano-Venditto corruption trial March 12, 2018: Mangano-Venditto corruption trial begins today March 8, 2018: Mangano-Venditto corruption trial begins today March 5, 2018: Brown: Oyster Bay on the sidelines March 5, 2018: Papers: Mangano, Venditto trial witness gets immunity to testify March 3, 2018: Editorial: Break up Long Island’s political game March 2, 2018: Ex-Oyster Bay Town attorney settles securities fraud case Feb. 28, 2018: Judge bars decisions on de Blasio probe from corruption case Feb. 26, 2018: Brown: Corruption fight needs more than a gift ban Feb. 26, 2018: Laura Curran orders no-gift policy for employees involved in contracting Feb. 24, 2018: Court filing alleges Singh dealings with NYC mayor Feb. 22, 2018: Editorial: Details still to come in latest Nassau County corruption case Feb. 19, 2018: Records: Figure in Mangano-Venditto case wore wire Feb. 16, 2018: Oyster Bay opposes release of documents in Mangano case Feb. 10, 2018: Harendra Singh repeatedly sought City Hall’s help, documents show Feb. 9, 2018: Judge in Mangano, Venditto corruption case rejects all defense motions Feb. 7, 2018: Mangano, Venditto schemed at meeting to guarantee loans, feds allege Feb. 8, 2018: Opinion: Stop the decline of the Nassau GOP Feb. 7, 2018: Judge sets jury selection date for Mangano-Venditto corruption trial Feb. 3, 2018: Brown: In Nassau corruption cases, the witness list begins to take shape Jan. 27, 2018: Democrat-connected law firm involved in Oyster Bay deals Jan. 24, 2018: Filler: Secret plea’s odd surprise about Mangano, Venditto Jan. 24, 2018: Harendra Singh admits bribing Mangano, Venditto Jan. 24, 2018: Singh bribery case also involves unnamed NYC official Jan. 24, 2018: Timeline of Harendra Singh’s ties to Mangano, Venditto Jan. 24, 2018: Singh admits bribing Mangano, Venditto, NYC official Jan. 17, 2018: Feds turn over documents, materials in Mangano-Venditto case Jan. 14, 2018: Lawyers for Manganos and Venditto file flurry of pretrial motions Jan. 13, 2018: In FBI notes, a glimpse of friendship at heart of Mangano case Dec. 16, 2017: Legal papers show Oyster Bay strategy for Singh loan guarantees Dec. 5, 2017: Judge delays Edward Mangano, John Venditto trial for two months Nov. 30, 2017: John Venditto seeks delay in trial on kickback allegations Nov. 28, 2017: Oyster Bay Town seeks buyer for property in alleged bribery scheme Nov. 22, 2017: Brown: Unusual resolution at center of new charges against John Venditto Nov. 21, 2017: John Venditto indicted on charges involving securities fraud Nov. 21, 2017: John Venditto, ex-Oyster Bay town supervisor, charged by SEC Nov. 15, 2017: Scheme to help restaurateur began when Mangano took office, court filing says Nov. 15, 2017: Oyster Bay legal bills related to Singh cases top $3.3M Oct. 21, 2017: Brown: Nepotism in Nassau are the family ties that bind Oct. 17, 2017: Keep a spotlight on nepotism in Long Island government Oct. 14, 2017: Over 100 Nassau politicians also have family in government Sept. 27, 2017: Judge abates corruption charges against the late Fred Ippolito Sept. 27, 2017: Brown: Will Skelos’ overturned conviction affect Mangano, Venditto? Sept. 5, 2017: Venditto court papers seek dismissal of corruption charges Sept. 2, 2017: Oyster Bay ex-commissioner still influenced town, affidavit says Aug. 25, 2017: Mangano files motion seeking to dismiss federal corruption charges Aug. 3, 2017: Oyster Bay Dems: 11.5% tax levy increase pays for ‘corruption’ July 26, 2017: Nassau DA fires investigator for alleged corruption probe interference, sources say July 22, 2017: Brown: Nassau has reform fever in election year July 15, 2017: Brown: Oyster Bay proposes reform after reform June 29, 2017: Oyster Bay corruption indictments add to federal tax case June 29, 2017: Ex-Oyster Bay supervisor, others surrender at DA’s office June 28, 2017: Sources: Oyster Bay officials to be arraigned June 28, 2017: Filler: How Saladino can shed party’s legacy June 27, 2017: Sources: Several indicted in Oyster Bay corruption probe June 19, 2017: Town agrees to work with probe in order to borrow $50M June 19, 2017: Town agrees to work with probe in order to borrow $50M June 1, 2017: Judge rules in Harendra Singh $6 million loan guarantee suit May 27, 2017: Brown: Saladino promises transparency but doesn’t answer question May 8, 2017: Stampede of elected officials running toward reform April 6, 2017: Oyster Bay Town OKs $1M in concession rental contracts April 1, 2017: Brown: Investigations of LI public officials underway March 12, 2017: Oyster Bay supervisor wants to review town board liaison system March 11, 2017: Marc Herman likely Dem choice to run for Oyster Bay supervisor, chairman says March 7, 2017: Dems likely to pick attorney Laura Gillen as Hempstead supervisor candidate March 6, 2017: Brown: The horse often escapes the ethics barn on LI Feb. 28, 2017: New five-member ethics board named in Oyster Bay Feb. 22, 2017: Nassau DA wiretapped 3 former Oyster Bay officials, sources say Feb. 12, 2017: Indicted concessionaire owes Oyster Bay nearly $300,000 Feb. 10, 2017: Nassau grand jury probing Oyster Bay corruption, sources say Feb. 8, 2017: Venditto, Mangano corruption trial date set for 2018 Feb. 7, 2017: Oyster Bay changes borrowing procedures to comply with laws Jan. 31, 2017: Assemb. Joseph Saladino replaces John Venditto as Oyster Bay town supervisor Jan. 17, 2017: John Venditto campaign got $20,000 in contributions after arrest, records show Jan. 16, 2017: Letter: Keep supervisor’s name off town signs Jan. 14, 2017: Federal bribery trial for Harendra Singh indefinitely delayed Jan. 4, 2017: John Venditto: Another powerful supervisor in disgrace Jan. 4, 2017: Indicted Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto to resign Nov. 29, 2016: Oyster Bay supervisor John Venditto presides over meeting, with no news of future Nov. 15, 2016: Oyster Bay’s Venditto will decide in days whether to step down Nov. 13, 2016: Joseph Mondello talks about Nassau corruption cases Nov. 12, 2016: Nassau County sought OK of contract for Harendra Singh’s wife Nov. 12, 2016: Venditto scandal impacts State Senate race Oct. 20, 2016: Edward Mangano and John Venditto should resign Oct. 24, 2016: Lawyer: Federal charges vs. Venditto will not impact town lawsuits Oct. 23, 2016: Oyster Bay has no deputy supervisor in place if need arises Oct. 20, 2016: GOP candidates urge Mangano, Venditto to immediately resign Oct. 20, 2016: Mangano, Venditto arrested on corruption charges, Feds say Sept. 28, 2016: Federal judge reveals what Oyster Bay officials haven’t Sept. 1, 2016: Venditto says Oyster Bay to turn over documents sought by feds
Other LI officials charged with abuse of power