Ex-North Hempstead Town Democratic Leader Gerard Terry

Gerard Terry

Charges: Tax evasion

Background: Gerard Terry, leader of the North Hempstead Democratic Party, concocted a complex scheme to avoid paying federal taxes totaling over $1.4 million since 2000, officials said. He did so while earning more than $250,000 a year. Terry pleaded not guilty to two federal tax-evasion-related charges. In September 2017, Terry pleaded guilty to a state charge of tax fraud. He admitted he failed to file a 2010 state personal income tax return and did not pay more than $3,000 in taxes. He is scheduled to be sentenced on that charge in November 2017. Read more

“Terry has manipulated and enlisted others in his obstructionist practices.”Letter in his indictment
The tax situation was the result of a “cascading series of serious health issues,” Terry has said, citing his open heart surgery, and he promised to settle with the IRS.

The latest on the Terry case

Sept. 25, 2017: Gerard Terry, ex-town Dem leader, pleads guilty to tax fraud Sept. 25, 2017: Brown: Nassau towns suddenly embrace ethics reform Aug. 15, 2017: Gerard Terry makes court appearance on tax evasion charges May 28, 2017: 9 North Hempstead employees miss disclosure deadline April 17: 2017: Feds and defense say talks ongoing to resolve Gerard Terry tax case April 1: 2017: Several investigations of Long Island public officials underway March 1: 2017: North Hempstead officials OK revisions to town’s ethics policy Feb. 6: 2017: Did Terry get help to hide his taxes? Feb. 2, 2017: Agency releases ex-party chair after tax evasion arrest Jan. 31, 2017: Gerard Terry charged by Feds with tax evasion, officials say Sept. 27, 2016: Gerard Terry, ex-Dem leader, indicted on tax fraud charges June 7, 2016: Concetta Terry leaves job as deputy North Hempstead town clerk May 13, 2016: North Hempstead Ethics Board cites the town’s deputy clerk April 27, 2016: Gerard Terry’s tax fraud case put off April 27, 2016: North Hempstead mulls banning workers from supervising relatives April 13, 2016: Gerard Terry arraignment leads to Nassau Sheriff’s investigation April 13, 2016: Brown: Gerard Terry tax case reaches beyond his own issues April 12, 2016: Gerard Terry, ex-North Hempstead Dem leader, arrested, DA says March 28, 2016: North Hempstead Town plugs ethics holes March 23, 2016: North Hempstead passes broad ethics reforms, promises more Feb. 28, 2016: North Hempstead seeks new zoning attorney to replace Gerard Terry Sept. 27, 2016: Gerard Terry, ex-Dem leader, indicted on tax fraud charges Feb. 27, 2016: Gerard Terry case leads N. Hempstead to enforce 25-year-old law Feb. 18, 2016: Concetta Terry, deputy town clerk, under review by ethics board Feb. 15, 2016: Letter: A tale of two town scandals Feb. 9, 2016: North Hempstead Democrats back replacement for Gerard Terry Feb. 8, 2016: Brown: Gerard Terry case shows intersection politics and patronage Feb. 4, 2016: Gerard Terry’s contract with Roosevelt Library terminated Feb. 2, 2016: Gerard Terry, embattled town Dem chairman, quits Board of Elections post Feb. 1, 2016: Gerard Terry to resign as North Hempstead Democratic leader Jan. 31, 2016: Dem chair has 6 government jobs, $1.4M tax debt
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