Hempstead Town Councilman Edward Ambrosino

Edward Ambrosino

Charges: Income tax evasion, wire fraud

Background: After more than a decade on the Hempstead Town Board, Councilman Edward Ambrosino was accused of failing to pay more than $250,000 in income taxes, much of which came from jobs performed for Nassau County. Feds said Ambrosino, a lawyer, siphoned off money for two years to a shell company and underreported his earnings. In the week following Ambrosino’s arrest, the Nassau County IDA dropped him as one of their attorneys. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.Read more

“Public officials are not exempt from paying their fair share of taxes and otherwise complying with the laws of the United States, just like any other citizen.”Acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District Bridget Rohde
“I believe the case revolves around Mr. Ambrosino’s tax returns that he has already amended. If he was ‘Ed Public’ rather than ‘Ed Politician,’ we wouldn’t be in this situation.”Defense attorney Dennis Lemke
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