NEWSDAY / NEWS12 Special Report

Separate & Unequal


An 18-month Newsday investigation revealed stark differences in Nassau County tax bills and an assessment system weighted against the middle class and poor. Explore the three-part series, see how your Nassau property taxes compare to your neighbors, and get the latest headlines on this topic here.

Part 1 Mangano’s overhaul created $1.7B property tax shift in Nassau The Nassau Tax Shift Explained Why neighbors with almost identical homes have different tax bills See how Part 2 Nassau tax firms benefit from Mangano’s appeals reform program Part 3 Is there a fix for Nassau’s $6B property tax system?
How does your tax bill compare to others in Nassau?


Nassau clients of big appeal firms got larger assessment reductions in 2012, 2013

Thousands of homeowners who challenged assessments on their own fared worse than those with similar appeals who were represented by two big tax firms.

Nassau STAR errors benefit school district taxpayers, Newsday review shows

The county miscalculated nearly a million exemptions, which were small but added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over seven years.

Even among Nassau tax assessment winners, some lost out

A county program called Carry Forward virtually guaranteed some homeowners 5% to 9% decreases each year — but those who didn’t qualify paid a price.

Nassau tax assessments: How even some winners lost out

Not filing an appeal for several years was one reason but another involved the varying criteria of the Carry Forward process, which the county barely publicized.

Nassau assessment system affects commercial properties, too

Business owners who have not filed a challenge — whether they thought they were already underassessed or were not fully informed of the advantages of appealing — have been hit even harder than homeowners who haven’t filed.

Nassau delays property reassessment planned for 2018

The halt means taxpayers who have not been awarded one of the overhaul’s substantial assessment reductions will continue to pay for the tax savings of those who have been.

How do I appeal my assessment?

You can file an appeal for free on the county’s Assessment Review Commission website.

Record number challenge Nassau tax assessments for first time

Thousands of Nassau property owners who had not challenged their assessments since the process was overhauled in 2010 filed appeals this year.

Nassau County extends tax-grievance deadline until March 10

Nassau extended the deadline for accepting property tax assessment appeals, a day after Newsday reported the system has created stark differences in tax bills.