Nassau crime by category in early 2018

Most major crimes were down in the first 11 weeks of 2018 in Nassau County, but there were increases in rape, commercial robbery and grand larceny, according to data provided by the Nassau County Police Department.

As a group, major crimes were down 0.33 percent, but lesser crimes were up 1.32 percent, bringing the total number of crimes reported in Nassau to 7,594, up 0.98 percent from the 7,520 crimes reported in 2017. The period measured goes from January 1 to April 23 in each year. Posted on April 24, 2018

Murder and sex crimes

Murders dropped from three down to one, but rape went from zero to three. There were nine crime in these four categories in 2018.

  • 2018
  • 2017

Other major crimes

Many more crimes in these categories, so note the change in scale compared to the first chart.

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The numbers

Crime20172018% change
Criminal sexual act330.00
Sexual abuse52-60.00
Robbery, commercial435220.93
Robbery, other7465-12.16
Assault, felony112109-2.68
Assault, misdemeanor202183-9.41
Burglary, residence148118-20.27
Burglary, other11087-20.91
Stolen vehicles127118-7.09
Grand larceny9009626.89
Total major crimes1,5251,520-0.33
All other crime reports5,9956,0741.32
Total crime reports7,5207,5940.98